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Stick And Joy (Download)
Pictures say more than a thousand words - but smileys are SO last millennium! :-)

Take pictures then add the actors Mr Stick And Ms Joy for hilarious effect. Customizable looks, poses, colors and captions! Store to your gallery, send as MMS or Email - or post it to your private Picasa Album - or even to the Global Picasa Album at StickAndJoy.com

Welcome to Stick And Joy - Express yourself!

  • 2 characters - Mr. Stick and Ms. Joy
  • Change character colors - Because all colors are created equal
  • Change character looks - Change hairstyle, eyes, mouths and hands - to create the expression you want.
  • Change background - Chose from a variety of supplied backgrounds, Mr. Stick and Ms. Joy like clouds as well as space travel.
  • Snap your own background - Not liking any of the supplied backgrounds? Snap your own with the camera!
  • Store it - Store your creation to your gallery...
  • Share it ....or send it as MMS or Email to friends, family and relatives...
  • Publish it ....or publish it to your own Picasa album - or to the Global Stick And Joy Picasa album
  • Promote it - If you like the program, tell your friends - SMS from within the application makes it easy to share the download link.
  • Location aware - The application knows your location and adds it as a caption to your picture
  • Screen orientation aware - The application knows your screen orientation and modifies the scene accordingly
  • Support for 4 major languages - German, French, Spanish and English

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