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Touch! 4Kids (Download)
This game is for kids/toddlers aged 15 months and up. Perfect for that road trip this summer - keep your kid occupied in the back seat while you're driving!

The goal of the game is to collect as many animals as possible. Collection is done simply by touching the animals that appear on screen.

Kid friendly sounds and graphics.

  • Kid friendly graphics! Lots of cute animals to collect.
  • Kid friendly sounds! - Will drive you insane but your kid will love them. :-)
  • Vibration! - For that extra immersion.
  • Animation - Because kids love things that move!
  • Toddler mode - Let your toddler press away, the fun never ends!
  • Screen lock - All keys disabled, so your kid does not make long distance phone calls while playing.
  • Countdown timer
  • Option to turn sound/music/vibration on and off
Excellent game for passing time and for training reaction and coordination skills.

And - kids and toddlers all over the world love it! And parents too!

What people are saying

My boyfriends son loves this! It actually made us bond alot better!
Its a great for calming the kids. I use it while in the grocery checkout.
My kids love it!
My son loves this game and calls it moo game. Great for those long drives too.
I luv this game for my toddler. She enjoys seein the different animals.
My kid likes when they disappear off the screen. I love this app.
Nice good i like it love bella thorne
Dev responded quickly with an endless mode update. Very impressed! The kid loves it
My 15 month old loves toddler mode! Great hand-eye coordination game.
-Ryan Hickman / Google
my kids love this app! keeps them busy =)
Good now my daughter can ruin my phone along with the rest of my electronics.

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